Friday, November 1, 2013

Hi. I'm a Wildflower....Let's start a Revolution

Originally I was going to write a post about my yoga experience, which was amazing by the way, but I decided to erase the whole post and write this one because I have this nagging inner voice telling me I need to. So here it goes.

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Vanessa and I am the author of this blog. Introductions are always awkward, and this one is no exception, but bare with me. I want to blow your mind.

I decided to write this blog simply because it was time. I've been claiming to be an artist, a wildflower, for a long while yet have done absolutely nothing artistic. I'm not just talking about paint brushes and guitars here. I'm talking about creating something with my gift and giving it away to someone to use however they wish. Being artist to me is meeting a need outside of me with what's inside of me. Everyone has a gift and so I believe everyone can become an artist. An engineer, a marketer, a musician, these can all become artists.

Honestly, I just want to start a revolution starting with myself. I want everyone around me to become an artist and I want to be the one to inspire that and help make it happen. I want change. I want laughter and love and peace. I want walls torn down, sweat, blood and tears from people that will become responsible to make this change happen. I want to inspire people to wake up, realize what they were meant to do, take responsibility for it and start doing it.

The world needs these people. These artists. These wildflowers.

We need you. Now. We need your art. We need your gift. Now.

Why a wildflower? Because a wildflower will grow beautiful and strong no matter where it decides to stand. It will break the ground around it and make it fertile for something else to grow. A wildflower, sometimes understated, is always strong and grounds herself to do the work she knows she was meant to do.

My purpose for this blog is to start a tribe. A tribe of artists. A tribe of wildflowers.

I want these wildflowers to spread everywhere, creating beauty and fertile ground wherever they go. Strong, persistent, passionate, joyful, vibrant, ALIVE!

Are you a Wildflower? What do you want to create?

Monday, October 28, 2013

When 'Something' Is More Than Enough

It just hit me.

One hit.

That's it.

That's all it took.

I was doing my rounds at the local Barnes and Noble for the millionth time in my life, just searching. Searching for more. More books to inspire me, to tell me what to do, to show me the way.

And then, it hit me.

I didn't want to read anymore. I didn't want to take anymore. I wanted to see something. Something I had created and given away. Something I had shipped out and was now somewhere in cyber space actually making some kind of difference. Some kind of change. A ripple. A break. Something.

I realize that I don't need more inspiration, more proof, more preparation, more direction, resources, skills. More, more, more, more. I need to start giving some of this stuff out. I have enough to give something. Not just anything, but something that's actually worth something. I know because this same stuff did something for me. Is doing something in me. Now, I need to release it to do something through me. For the people around me.

So, here it is. My gift to you. Yeah, it doesn't look like much. But listen to what I'm saying because if you do, it could change your life. It changed mine.

Sometimes, you don't need more. Sometimes, 'something' is more than enough.

Take it. Form it. Release it. Free it. Free yourself. Just do something.

Start right now by sharing below. What is your 'something'?